Collective 2

Clipboard History for Mac OS X. Done Right.

Now with Favorites, Details,
an Updated Look, and More.

Text, images, events, or files, Collective 2
will keep up with you — just press ⌘–Shift–V

Fully Compatible with OS X High Sierra

Search and Filter

Collective has a powerful search and filtering capabilities, that shows your results in real-time. Did you copy something from Safari last week that had the word "magic" in it? Find it!

Favorites New!

Mark any item is a favorite to always be able to quickly find and paste it. You can filter by favorites, or quickly add any of the first nine to your clipboard by pressing 1 – 9.

Drag and Drop

You don't have to copy something to add it to Collective - just drag it in. Or drag an item out to paste it. Drag, drop, done.

Details New!

Want to know the dimensions of an image, the size of a file, or the number of characters and lines in what you copied? Select your clipping, and look in the details bar!

Full Formatting

Collective doesn't just remember the text, it remembers all the formatting that went along with it. Did you copy a paragraph a few bold words in it? Paste it exactly as it was copied.

Plain Text

Did you copy a paragraph littered with formatting, but you want to paste just the text? A right-click and Add to Clipboard as Plain Text will get you on your way. Or, using the keyboard, simply press Option-Enter.

Quick Look

Want a full size preview of an item? Press the space bar. Formatted text, full size images and PDFs - see it all in Quick Look.

Any Font

Coding and want a monospace font? Prefer Helvetica? Love Comic Sans? It's just a preference away.

Active Item New!

Need to know what's in your clipboard right now? The green corner tag unobtrusively tells you at all times.

And More

  • Customizable application blacklist
  • Option to hide the menu bar icon New!
  • Full screen support, including on a second monitor
  • Pin it open, so it is always available
  • Full retina support, including text and image previews
  • Restart resistant, saving all your clippings
  • Fully keyboard controllable
  • Launch at login, so it is always available.
  • A bigger history, to store up to 2500 items New!
  • Accessible, with Voice Over support, meaningful labels, and adjustable font size


When Collective is running, a "C" will appear in the top-right of your menu bar. Pressing ⌘-Shift-V will show Collective's history of what you have copied (alternatively, you can choose "Show Collective" from the "C" in the menu bar). Clicking on any item will add it back to your clipboard, so you can paste it again.

Due to Apple's App Store sandboxing restrictions, Collective unfortunately can not directly paste items from your clipboard history into other applications. However Collective will add the selected item from your history back to your clipboard, to allow you to immediately paste it where you desire.

Almost. Some applications (notably the Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) use their own internal clipboard, which Collective can not monitor so as to record the history. However, Collective can still be used to populate the clipboard to paste into these applications, and most other applications work terrifically well.

Collective works with OS X versions 10.7 (Lion) through 10.13 (High Sierra).

Due to taxation restrictions, we can only sell Collective in a limited set of countries. If your country isn't one of them, we sincerely apologize.